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Monthly Archives: April 2009

{Boulder Baby Photography} Why not Valencia for my 30th Birthday?

Our little girl Chloe arrived into the world on March 20th, 2009 at 1:06pm, weighing in at a mere 5 pounds 10 oz and 19″ long.  Yes, she was born on my 30th Birthday!  At first I was a bit resistant of the idea, now I can’t think of a better Birthday present.  She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever set my eyes on, and I’m still in shock that she is really ours.  Originally, we were going to name her Chloe Valencia Kaple.  We had filled out the paper work at the hospital, said our goodbyes to the nurses and took her home.  The next morning, 3 days after Chloe’s birth, I asked Wade what he thought of when he first saw her.   He tearfully replied, “I was reminded of Tricia, my mother’s first child, who was stillborn.”  Chloe, unfortunately came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her little neck, not once, but twice and was purple and white from the lack of oxygen.  The nurses rushed her over to the warmer, administering oxygen, and I extended my hand over to her and began to pray fervently.  Wade and my good friend Ally, whom was also my doula ran over to her side with cameras in hand and began to document her life.   She quickly returned to a normal color, as they rubbed the vernix into her petite body.  Before, I knew it she was on my chest and I was in awe at the miracle of life that was our daughter.

Four years ago almost to the day that Chloe was born, Wade and I began dating.  Shortly after that, on Mother’s Day, we made the trek up to Western NY to meet his family.   After church, we all went to a Chinese buffet for lunch and that is when I first learned of Tricia.   My mother in law asked me when my Birthday was, and I replied March 2oth.  She looked at my father in law and replied that is when Tricia’s Birthday was.   She told me the story of how her first daughter was still born.  Shortly after that on June 4th of 2005, Wade and I became engaged.   Excited, my new mother in law felt as though she was getting the daughter she never had.  Fast forward four years, and now, not only does her daughter in law share a birthday with Tricia, but so does her first granddaughter!  I truly believe that what God takes away, he gives back a double blessing, and so to honor Wade’s oldest sister, and a testimony to God’s faithfulness, we changed Chloe’s name to Chloe Tricia Kaple.  Mom, we love you and if the only reason that Chloe was born on my birthday was to be a blessing to you, than I’m happy to share this day for the rest of my life!

Now, onto some images of our little girl!


Wade captured these image moments after she was born.  You can see her legs are still purple from the lack of oxygen.  Thankfully, she had a short ride down the birth canal, as I was only pushing for 10 minutes…any longer and I wonder if she would have been ok.0010.jpg


Holding my little girl for the first time!



Getting weighed in…0017.jpg


Proud papa…Wade is so good with her.  One of my first photographs taken as a new mom.

0018.jpgOur little birdy face…

I love being a mom and feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and friends to support us through this new stage in our lives.  A special thanks to Ally Wilton, our doula and dear friend, Stacy Z, who documented the first hours of Chloe’s life, Deirdre, our incredible Midwife of Boulder Nurse Midwives, all the amazing nurses at Boulder Community Foothills hospital, and my mom who arrived two hours after she was born and stayed with us for 10 days, you were a blessing.