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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Cats in the Cradle…

Well not exactly, but I did find him napping in Chloe’s crib.  In his defense, we did name him Little Baby Kitten (LBK for short), so I can see where he might be confused.   We originally named him Indy, but LB just seemed to stick, so we changed it.   He won’t be the baby for very much longer, as Chloe’s estimated due date is just under a month away!  Look for more pics of the nursery soon, we’re almost finished :)




He might be a little spoiled…I don’t think pink is his color ;)   When we were working on the nursery we had him locked out and he proceeded to jump up on our leather couch and pee on my favorite silk orange pillow!  You have to wonder if animals can’t sense that something is about to change…forever.   We’ve tried to console him by giving plenty of attention and keeping his kitty box clean…let’s hope he doesn’t have any more accidents!

{Louisville Baby Photographer} Lako Family Portrait in Louisville, Colorado…

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Lako family and their newest addition, Porter!  He’s already 3 months old and is making the funniest facial expressions ever.  I have to apologize, as I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, but I have a good reason, as we’re expecting an addition to our family in just 5 short weeks!  We’ve been busy preparing the nursery, taking birthing classes, attending 3 baby showers and several midwife appointments!  Wheww…getting ready for a baby is a lot of work, but we’re really looking forward to the arrival of our little girl!  I hope to post pictures of the nursery soon!  Now onto the Lako family portrait session!  To view the slideshow of all their images click here.   Here are some of my favorites…





They are such a beautiful family!!




Congrats Steph and Genae!  I had a lot of fun documenting your new family!