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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge…5 days in.

Today is my 5th day in a row practicing Bikram Yoga.  It is an intense 90 minute session in a 105 degree room performing 26 postures!  My goal is to do 25 sessions in 30 days, which can be a little difficult in the midst of the busy wedding season.   However, it has proven to be an incredible stress reliever and a great work out too!  I don’t thing I’ve ever sweated so much in my life!  I’m becoming some what addicted, and they also have a calender up where you put a smiley face sticker on each day you attend!  For me it is a nice visual and keeps me coming back.  If you haven’t tried it yet and live in the Denver-Boulder area I would recommend going here, the instructors are awesome and the facility is beautiful!  If you’ve never done it, but would like to join me, just drop me an email.  I usually go to the 9am or 4pm sessions!

Check back this week for Nicolette’s e-session as we take on Boulder!   Also, I’ll be flying up to Jackson Hole, WY for a wedding this weekend with one of my favorite photographers…check in to find out who.  Then next week  I’ll be attending a workshop with the amazing Laura Novak, a phenomenal photographer and business guru of Strategy Avenue, shooting a “Trash the Dress” session and then to St. Malo in Estes Park for another wedding.  Hope I can keep up my stellar yoga track record!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to this summer!

being on the other side of the camera…

Last week I met up with Zack Arias in Boulder as he taught an amazing workshop called “One Light.” If you’re a photographer I would highly recommend it! Last year I took the workshop as a photographer, but this year I experienced it through a whole different avenue, being a model! From a very young age, I’ve always dreamed about being model. In fact at age 12, I enrolled in a modeling school, learned how to walk, do improve, have the perfect makeup and even took part in a fashion show. My life as a model was short lived, as I ended up being much more passionate about swimming than modeling. I think my interest stemmed from watching Miss America every year at my neighbors house growing up. It was a yearly ritual complete with what every little girl loves, a sleep over and bon bons. Here were some shots from my new friend and photographer Steve Stanton. Thanks Steve! _ssp9417.jpg

bringing sexy back ;)



On a side note, Zack recently became engaged!!! Many congrats to you Zack! Thanks for coming to Boulder…there were so many things I had forgotten from last year. It was a great refresher!

{Boulder Maternity Photography} Alli’s Maternity Session…

This blog post is long over due, so here it goes.  A few months ago I had the chance to photograph two of the sweetest people on earth, Dave and Ally.  Their heart for people and now their little girl, Norah is both encouraging and so very beautiful!  Ally’s heart has always been that of a mother and it’s wonderful to see her dream now come true!  We had a great time photographing her baby belly and thanks to Dave too for being so open and trusting, so that I was able to capture these timeless images!allimaternity-2.jpg

Ally is so stunning and has the most beautiful eyes!




This one above is my absolute favorite!


{Denver Wedding Photographer} Kevin & Kristen’s Denver Engagement Session….

Last Thursday I had the chance to photograph Kevin and Kristen’s Engagement session in downtown Denver. Their dog, Harley joined us too, and although it was very hot, we were able to capture some great images! Kristen was made to be in front of the camera and Kevin was a great sport about the whole thing. We had a great time and I was fortunate to have Wade along, whom at one point was not only holding onto Harley, who was very strong, and all my gear, but was also holding Kristen’s Louis Vuitton purse. Wade thank you!! I love you with all my heart.

Kevin and Kristen make a stunning couple and are very much in love, as you’ll be able to see. Kevin is also the owner of Spill Lounge in LoDo, so we were able to get some great images there too. Here were some of my favorites! Also, be sure to check out their guest book pre-design here! eddye-session-1.jpg






Kristen has the most stunning eyes, isn’t she gorgeous?


They live in the Glass House featured here behind them.


so we decided to head up to their balcony for a beautiful view of the sunset…breath taking!kk4.jpg

Then it was off to Spill…


We ended up on the roof top for the last few images and were able to use this great cabana for a departing shot. We enjoyed having a few drinks with them before we left and getting to know them better. Thank you Kevin and Kristen…we are really looking forward to photographing your wedding in October!!

Hollywood Glam…

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with my friend RJ on a shoot.  I always love shooting with different photographers because I always pick up something new.  This time we were trying out some new lighting techniques on one of his previous clients, which I was totally pumped about.  I love the 1940′s hollywood glam lighting and have wanted to do a shoot like this for a while, so thanks for the invite RJ!  We also took a few shots for her portfolio too.  Although I’m not usually into these types of shoots, we had some sweet locations to work with, which made it uber fun!  Now onto some of my faves!hg2.jpg


hglam-4.jpg hglam-5.jpg

hglam-6.jpg hglam-7.jpg


The Grand Trio…not to be repeated.

There are times when I’m not proud of something I’ve done and last night happened to be one of them.    I was waiting for my husband to get home from work, and originally I had planned an engagement session, but the weather was not cooperative, so we rescheduled and I worked on Peter and Kimberly’s Guestbook instead.   Therefore, I didn’t have anything planned for dinner.  There was talk of going to PF Chang’s (one of my favorites), but some how (I think because Wade had too much pizza for lunch) we ended up at AppleBee’s.  Normally I don’t mind their food and I often get the Asian Chicken salad, but as of lately I’ve been consuming a lot of chicken.  So I insisted we get the appetizer trio, complete with the steak quesadilla toppers, mini bacon cheeseburgers and provolone cheese sticks.  Granted it was 8pm, so I was pretty hungry and not thinking straight.   After my consumption of not so healthy food, I felt horrible.  I asked Wade why he didn’t stop me.  He proceeded to give me a high five and thanked me for eating such bad food with him.   In conclusion, here is my advice.

Never make any important decisions when:

1. You’re too hungry

2. You’re too tired

3. You’re too lonely

I think I hear Gilad calling my name.  For those of you who don’t know who Gilad is, he’s on Fit TV and I’m rather addicted to him.  We always work out in Hawii, and because I have a 52″ HD tv, I often feel like I’m there with him.  He really targets core areas and I always have more energy during the day after we hang out in the morning.   He has been around for a long time and I would highly recommend him. In fact, my grandma used to work out with him every morning, but now she goes to the fitness center every day instead.  Go Grandma!


{Denver Wedding Photography} Tea Ceremony & Wedding in Lakewood, CO…

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing with Paige Elizabeth as we documented the festivities of Emily and Mark’s most memorable wedding.  It was complete with Tea Ceremony and Emily also changed from her traditional wedding gown into an authentic Chinese dress, which she looked stunning in.  She was one of the most gracious brides I’ve ever met and I especially enjoyed watching as her father explained to Mark’s father the importance of various Chinese traditions.   Here were some of my favorites from the day!


The first look was so touching…53108-3.jpg



Here Mark and Emily are helping Mark’s grandmother sit down.  She was one of the special guests whom was served tea during the ceremony.me1.jpg

Their cake was gorgeous!  The wedding took place at the Lakewood Country Club, which was a very nice venue.


Of course every great wedding has to end with a little celebration…..cigars :)

Congrats Mark & Emily!!