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Monthly Archives: June 2008

{Breckenridge Wedding Photography}

Liz and Matt started dating over 8 years ago when they met in college and this past Saturday they finally tied the knot!  I think Liz was one of the most relaxed brides I have ever met, so it made shooting her wedding a real delight!  They had an intimate ceremony at the Zepplen House in Breckenridge, CO, which was a really sweet location in the mountains.  Here were some of the highlights from their day!  Friends and family can click here, enter the event code, and will receive and email when the rest of their wedding images are released.


Liz’s mom did all the flower arrangements, which were stunning and her she is helping Liz with her flowers.


I love the look on Matt’s face when he saw his bride!annabelwedding-9.jpg

Liz’s friend Kiersten performed the ceremony.


Of course Nally was a huge part in the celebration, as she was the ring bearer!  Here’s a shot of her afterwards sharing her stick with me!


Liz’s Dad gave a great speech…


Salt Creek Steakhouse catered the event and did a fantastic job.  Here is one of the little girls very excited about the dessert buffet…I have to secretly admit, I was very excited too!  I love dessert :)


I love a little flair!


Congrats Matt & Liz!  We had a wonderful time at your wedding!

Arrival of baby Indy….

It wasn’t long after the disappearance  of our cat Joey that we longed for the rooms of our home to be filled with the sounds of kitty noises again.  The quiet was rather dismal followed by bouts of tears.  So on Saturday, after our wedding in Breckenridge, my brother calls and tells us to come over to his house.   This is what we found..lbk.jpg

I know I’m a little biased, but isn’t he the cutest thing?  Joey is dearly missed, but Indy is a nice addition to our family!  He’s so little, so as of right now we call him L.B.K. for little baby kitten, I know it’s not very original, but his real name is Indiana.  My brother, Ryan, called him this due to his adventurous spirit!   I was originally thinking Caleb (means warrior), but that was vetoed.   Happy Thursday!

Destination Wedding in Philedelphia at The Willows…

Some of you may remember Cassandra and Steve from their e-session in Pittsburgh this past April. It was certainly my favorite urban e-sessions of all time and their wedding proved to be just as fantastic! Cassandra is one of the most loving, caring, extremely talented individuals you will ever meet and Steve is the perfect compliment. Some couples would have spent the night before their wedding having a rehearsal dinner and preparing for their wedding, not Cassandra and Steve, they were hosting a homeless BBQ outreach! During their shower, Cass was asked where is the weirdest place you’ve ever lived, and with out knowing what Steve’s answer was, they both remarked “Small town America!” These two incredible people are going to move to Africa for the next year to start a business outreach to the people of Mozambique. Here is Cassandra’s first national publication! Way to go Cassandra!

Check out their slideshow here!!

Now onto their wedding! Cassandra’s dream was always to be married in a Castle, so the mansion at “The Willows” was the perfect location…very old world, European style.



Lisa, one of her bridesmaids couldn’t hold back the tears…


They opted to see each other before the wedding, which allowed us plenty of time to get some great images of the two of them. If you’re on the fence as whether or not you should do formals ahead of time, I would highly recommend it! Isn’t Cassandra stunning!




I love this shot!






Gretchen was one of the most gracious bridesmaids I’ve ever met! soarswedding-15.jpg


Cassandra’s father made this incredibly, beautiful cake, probably one of the most gorgeous cake’s I have ever seen, well next to my own wedding cake, which my Grandmother made! So much love was put into it!


Here is an image my awesome husband Wade shot…isn’t it beautiful!


There was a lot of dancing too…with only one major casualty, check out the guy in the back left hand corner!

Cassandra and Steve thank you so much for choosing us to document your wedding day! It was an honor! I hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon in Costa Rica!

For those of you planning your weddings outside of CO or the US, we are available for destination weddings :)

mourning the loss of my crazy kitty…

I woke up a week ago to a voice mail from my brother, “Shannon, little fluffers (whom he affectionately called, other wise known as Joey) got out last night while the guys were in the hot tub. They went looking for him once they realized he was staying there, but were unable to find him.  I’m sorry.”  Ryan was a way on a business trip and his other room mate Kelly was to watch after Joey, unfortunately the guys had no idea that he was there and left the door open while Kelly was fast asleep.

Instantly I thought Joey would be ok, certainly he would return.  Our flight to Philly, to shoot a wedding the following day wouldn’t leave until 1, so we rushed over to Boulder and began our search.  An hour and half later, still no Joey.  We had to leave.

I photographed the wedding keeping thoughts of my beloved lost far from my mind, but then the day ended, and the fear that my  cat was gone forever began to creep into my mind, coupled with a long day of photographing, I began to sob.   My husband asked me if I wanted to fly back to CO early, but I had already booked us tickets to go see Mama Mia on broadway, so I declined.

The next day we took a train into NYC, exhausted from our travels we took a nap and upon waking I called my brother to ask him to put “LOST” signs up.   He insisted that it was not worth it, as there are coyotes in his neighborhood and dozens of cats have gone missing in the last two months.   I quickly ended the conversation in disbelief and again began to cry.   We had reservations in Time Square at Bar American, but I had Wade cancel them.  I couldn’t understand why my brother was being so mean….

Fast forward to Monday a.m., we had returned from NYC and I feverishly began making posters to hang around Boulder.  I spent most of the afternoon hanging them every where, and notifying all the neighbors that he was missing.   That night I received a call that someone saw a Siamese a few blocks from my brother’s house.  We went back over to Boulder looking for Joey, still no kitty.  We did meet a young girl, whom said she saw a Siamese the day before too.  Hope emerged.

The following day I took over some dirty clothes, litter box, cat toy and treats to my brother’s house.  Maybe Joey was confused, because he didn’t know where home was located?  Again I went out for several hours hanging more posters, calling his name, looking in back yards.  It was at this point that I saw more posters up for missing dogs, and two more people who had lost their cats.

I returned to my brother’s house and the truth ensued.  “Shanny” he stated “After the guys realized Joey was missing, they went and looked out back for twenty minutes, then Clint went around front.  A few blocks from the house he saw a coyote with what looked like to be a small animal in his mouth.  He couldn’t confirm or deny that it was Joey, but it was with in the hour of them leaving the door open.  He tried to chase after the coyotes to get a better look, but they ran away.”  I retorted, “You didn’t tell me that, you just said coyotes were in your neighborhood.”

Why is it that when we loose a pet that it hurts so much?  I suppose it’s because they become part of our family.  It’s quiet at my home now, no meowing, or racing me up the stairs, no one to lay in my lap or blame for eating the last of the leftovers, no afternoon napping in the sun or  kitty to play games with… kitty to call Joey.   Here were a few photos taken of him in the last year.  He was only four.joey11.jpg jsm.jpg

Joey, you will be dearly missed, my companion, my joy, my friend.   We hope to adopt another siamese in your honor, but your memory will never be replaced.

I apologize in advance for any delays that my clients endure, as we recover from our loss.  Thank you for your understanding.

{Ft. Collins Wedding Photography}

I first met Tiffany back in December and knew she was going to be a fun bride to work with over the following year.   Well it turns out that Mark, her fiance, is just as nice!  The two met while visiting Colorado State University during their senior year in high school.  It turns out that both of their mom’s had some thing in common, being extremely early for everything, so being the only two student’s who had arrived yet, they were forced to talk to each other.  Little did they know they would end up as husband and wife 6 years later!  In fact, Mark was all set to attend another college with  a  scholarship for football, when a few weeks later he had a major injury and ended up at CSU!  I’m certain Tiffany is glad he did, and from the looks of it Mark is too!  Here were some of my favorites from their engagement session!mt2.jpg

We headed down to the oval, which is a beautiful part of campus….


and we had some fun…


took a break in the lawn…



hung out in town..Ft. Collins is a really cute area, the two of them hope to buy a house there in March and for Tiffany to go back for her Masters.  I think it’s a great idea!


Bisetti’s is where Mark and Tiffany had their first date and where Mark later proposed!smith-session-10.jpg

I don’t think they fight much, but here they are having a little fun!


We were walking back to the car for another outfit change, when I asked “What do you like to do when you’re not planning your wedding?”  Mark was quick to respond “We like to go hunting!”  Tiffany said “we?”  So I thought it was only appropriate to take this next two series of images.   Some how I don’t see Tiffany as the hunting type…lol.


Who is hunting who?  It looks like the fish are going to get them!


Of course many of college night’s were spent at Lucky Joe’s!

Mark and Tiffany I can’t wait for your Denver wedding in October!!

lost: siamese cat joey in Boulder….

Last night I dropped my cat off at my brother’s place for the week, as we’re now in Philadelphia to shoot a wedding tomorrow. However, he escaped last night and although we spent the morning in Boulder looking for him, he’s MIA. He’s 3 years old, has his tags on with my phone number and still has his claws, but I’m still really worried. So if you live in south Boulder, keep your eyes peeled for a kitty that looks like this. If you’re the praying type, please pray that he returns to my brothers house safely and unharmed. Thank you.dsc_0723.jpg

Peter & Kimberly Engagement Session…

Recently, I’ve had a lot of people asking me “Do you want to photograph other things besides weddings?”  Of course every photographer wants the chance to work on their own projects and photograph other things, and I’m no exception.  However, I LOVE photographing weddings and part of the passion stems from meeting and forging friendships with the amazing couples that I’m lucky enough to meet.  Peter and Kimberly are two of those people, and I knew from the first time I met them that they were going to be a blast to work with and their e-session proved to be just that!    Here are a few of my favorites.



A little visit to Old Mill Park in Longmont…


Peter and Kimberly shared with me, upon my arrival that fate had actually brought them together 15 years earlier!  Peter keeps a digital frame at their apartment with images dating back to his high school years in band.  Upon a visit from Kimberly’s mom, she actually remembered him from a photo she had with Kimberly in the background changing out of her band uniform!  What a small world!  So they were anxious to get a photo by this really cool antique store call “Serendipity.”  Isn’t that perfect?

Wade and I can totally relate, because after we met, we managed to recall 5 times earlier in our lives that we could have met.  For instance, just to name a few, Wade received a full ride to where I attended undergrad, but turned it down, as it was too close to home; Wade’s sister tried to fix him up w/ my best friend whom I was living with in 2001, but he never called; we lived 3 miles apart from each other for two years and never met; Wade actually attended the same church I did once in 2002 never to return!  I’m glad we finally got together!   As I’m certain that Peter and Kimberly are happy to be reunited again!






We had to stop on the way to “Boondocks”, the home of their first date, to capture this beautiful Colorado sky!


I loved Kimberly’s idea to take photographs in the mini golf area…the little houses are sooo cute.  I’m not so sure Peter was as excited about it…lol.


P & K will be renting out our “Photo Booth” for their wedding guests, so it was only appropriate to get some pics in the  arcade area.   If you’re interested in renting a photo booth for your wedding, birthday party or corporate event, please email me at for more info!  They are sooo much fun!



They ended the night in the bumper boats, which looked like a blast!  I can’t wait to go back with Wade!

Thanks Kimberly and Peter I had a great time hanging out with you last night and I’m looking forward to your Estes Park wedding come December!

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The Little Cowboy Bar…Fromberg, MT

A week ago Sunday I arrived back in Denver from my trip to Billings, MT to visit my long time friend Lea, whom is an amazing ceramicist, and I’ve known since before my days of Bauhaus influenced Art School in NY.   While on our way back to her house, from one of our many ventures out to go camping, we came across “The Little Cowboy Bar & Museum” in Fromberg, MT.   If I would have seen nothing else while in MT, I would have gone home happy.  This bar was a gem and has even been written up in Esquire Magazine a few years back.  I fell in love with Shirley Smith the owner, as she was generous enough to open her museum, which was located in the back of the bar.  She also told us stories about Buffalo Bill, cowboys & indians, and my favorite story about how she grew up in a shed with her parents and three siblings.   This museum was AWESOME a definite must see in MT !!  Check out these images I gathered during our tour and be sure to check back for more images form our adventures in Yellow Stone!




Here is Shirly Smith, the owner.  She is also featured in the photo to the L.lcb3.jpg

She made sure we signed the guest book too.


Here is a portrait some one painted of her.  I asked her when it was commissioned and she told me “Oh, about 10 years ago!?”   Isn’t it awesome?!!lcb1.jpg

More cowboy paraphernalia.


Check out the clock to your upper L!!


This portrait is one of my all time favorites!  There was a can light to the L of her and I asked her to look my way, this is what I got!  Pretty sweet, huh?  You’re also looking at Ms. Senior Montana 2001!


Here are some more images from the town of Fromberg…not much happening outside of the L.C.B.lilcowboybar-15.jpg




Ever since I’ve moved out west, I’m fascinated by all these little western towns.  A little known fact, my grandfather in law’s cousin was Gabby Hayes