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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Where in the world is….

Shannon?  I dropped my cat, Joey off at my brother’s house in Boulder on Saturday for what seemed to be like the second time in two weeks.  Oh wait, it was the second time in two weeks.  Last time I left him there his roommate accidentally left the sliding glass door open and Joey got outside.  Being an indoor kitty he doesn’t get out much and thankfully returned quickly.   I then  went home to repack (although I hadn’t unpacked yet from Vegas) for our trip back East to shoot an engagement session and to spend time with one of my closest friend’s whom just lost her sister to cancer.

Yesterday’s engagement session was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in Philly later this year.  Look for images from their e-session and the incredible love story of how they met in Mozambique coming soon!

I’ll be out the office until Friday April 4th, but you can still reach me via email, as I’ll be working remotely through out the week.  Tomorrow I’ll be helping my friend Kim hang her solo show, having coffee with her and the very cool David Burke and then off to a PA PUG meeting or dinner on a yacht with my hubby, father and his business partner…..ummm decisions.  If I didn’t already know that they would only be talking about a new business venture I would be tempted to go to dinner, but then again I do LOVE boating.  When I was growing up it seemed like everyone had a boat, my  dad, his friends and all three of my mother’s siblings owned boats.  Nothing  beats being out on the water in the heat of the summer with the wind blowing threw your sun bleached hair.  Ahhh, I can’t wait for summer!

Curt and Allision at El Dorado Canyon…

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Allison and Curt this morning at El Dorado Canyon for their engagement session. Allison is so stunning and honestly reminded me of a 1950′s glam-movie star! She contacted me last month about doing a session, as they are getting married in Tennessee on May 17th, but wanted their engagement session to take place in Colorado. I had the best time photographing these two, so much so that instead of going out and enjoying the 65 degree spring weather, I decided to stay home to edit the images of these two very incredible people! Don’t worry, as soon as I post this blog I’m going out for a run :) We were originally going to meet up this afternoon, but I’m so glad we changed it to the a.m., as the lighting was AMAZING!!! Check it out for your self.


This was around 9:45, just after the sun peered over the canyon…yummy!


Then we headed over the bridge, but a few K-9′s wanted in on the picture too! I love this series. I’m not sure if Allison and Curt are dog people, but they were such troopers as these two passed by with their owner.


This is my all time FAVORITE image from an e-session ever! The lighting was perfect and these two are soooo in love!



If I didn’t know better, I would think that they are both models!



Thanks so much Allison and Curt, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you this morning. Best wishes on your wedding day! Keep in touch :) -Shannon

Home from Vegas(WPPI)…Part 1

I had an incredible time last week in Las Vegas at the countries largest photography convention with nearly 12,000 other photographers. I feel so fortunate to be a part of an industry that loves to share, give and help support creative types such as myself. The platform speakers were pretty interesting, but my favorite part was just talking with other photographers, and see, hear and even be a part of what they are doing to help change and promote the wedding industry as a whole. I really feel enriched not only as a photographer, but as a person too. I met or was reacquainted with the most amazing people who are very passionate about photography. It was like a jolt of creative lighting serged through my entire being and I think I will be forever changed by the those lives that my path has crossed. They names are too numerous to thank, but check back soon for the more photographs from the famous Vegas Photography Party scene. Until then, here are some images from our last day in Nevada. There were a bus full of photographers that headed out to the dessert to soak in some AMAZING views (I had never been in the desert before, it rocked) and photograph with some of the top photographers in the industry, such as John Michael Cooper of Alt F, David Beaksted and the amazing peeps of Tri-Coast It also happened to my birthday, which was a really cool way to rock out my 29th. My new friend Jason Cohen had everyone sing Happy Birthday to me, which made me turn bright red, however I felt showered with Birthday lovenz, so a special thanks to Jason! The images towards the bottom are of me and the amazingly talented Paige Elizabeth, who was also my room mate in Vegas. She is my sister from another mother :) llv4blog2.jpg

Vegas, here I come!

This morning at 7am I awoke to a woodpecker pecking, at what I thought were the ducts in my house.  It was not time to wake up yet, so I was rather peeved.  I headed downstairs to shew him out, but had no luck.  Then I headed outside in my PJ’s to find him pecking on the small round aluminum piece above the chimney.  I yelled at him to “Get off my house, bird.”  He left.  Needless to say, I’ll be plenty sleep deprived in Vegas, so I didn’t want to get a head start on Sunday morning.

Anyway, I’m all packed and about to head out to catch my afternoon flight to Vegas.  It is going to be a wild ride with classes, the largest photography tradeshow, parties, parties and more parties.   Plus, I’m going to take part is a special shoot at the barnyard, where I’ll be the subject photographed in a wedding dress.  Needless to say, it won’t be my own, as it’s in PA, but it will be a close second, it was my mom’s gown when she remarried in the early 80′s, a very chic off the shoulder sexy number.  Stay tuned for more updates!

I will be out of the office until March 25th and be returning phone calls and emails on Monday.

why cancer sucks…

It was 9:59 and I tried to log onto my facebook account.  Firefox stalled, so I went to fold our laundry , returned to check it again at 10:48.  This time one of my closest friend’s, Kim, status message read 47 min ago “home from the hospital, my sister died this evening.”  Her sister, Michelle has been fighting cancer for over two years, she was only in her early 30′s and was married with two children.  If you’re so inclined, please lift up her and her family during this difficult time.   If you would like to send a word of encouragement, flowers or chocolates to her you can email me for her home address.   Thank you.

New Branding…

I’ve been feverishly working on having new branding material created before I leave for WPPI, the world’s largest photography convention, on Sunday. I’m so stoked about my new logo created by the incredibly talented Luke Flowers! I was searching for a designer when my husband bought me Kate Hurley’s new CD, “Sleeping When You Wake” (very folk meets Jesus in a sweet melody). I saw the CD cover below and instantly contacted Luke about creating a logo. If you are looking for new branding material I would highly recommend him! He has a great eye, very friendly and professional.


Any way, I’m just about to head out to have my new business cards printed, but I wanted to debut our new look. Let me know what you think!

Trash The Dress, Western Style…

Last Saturday I headed down to Morrison, Colorado with Halen for a western, small town style Trash The Dress session. We had an amazing time and I can’t wait for the next one! A special thanks to Natosha Quinn who did an incredible job on her makeup! I first met Tosha when she was working at the MAC (I love MAC makeup….it lasts forever) counter in the Flatirion Mall. She is also available to do makeup for your upcoming wedding, birthday, anniversary or prom. So be sure to check her site out here…. she rocks! If you’re interested in having a TTD session please contact me to set up an appointment and to inquire about our spring trashing special!



Out of office…hitting the slopes!

I’ll be out of the office until Friday March 6th.  I will have limited access to the internet and returning all inquiries upon my return.   If it is an emergency and you need to get a hold of me, you can contact me on my cell at 720.837.4183.  I can’t wait to show you the highlights from last weekend’s western Trash the Dress session, which took place in Morrison, CO!  I’ll be posting it when I return.  We had the most fun ever and I can’t wait for the next one.  Stay tuned!  -Shannon K.