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Monthly Archives: December 2007


I’m addicted…if you haven’t read my blog lately it is because I’m addicted to Facebook.  So please join me as a friend,  Look forward to seeing you there!  Happy New Year!  What is everyone doing for New Year’s Eve?  We have yet to make plans yet, so if you’re in Denver and doing something fun, drop me a line.

In addition, after cooking a regular turkey dinner with all the fixing, my brother, his friend Jake, my Dad (visiting from PA), my husband and I played a game of farkel (very fun dice game).  I was winning until Wade swept me with a 2,600 point roll.  We watched the Guardian afterwards…a definite must see.  It makes me want to take up swimming again.  On a side note, we received the most awesome gift basket from Wade’s boss today.  I’ve never seen so much chocolate in one place…so much for giving up sugar for the New Year.

The next Martha Stewart…

I just got done making ginger cookies, packaging them up in pretty wrapping all tied up with bows and delivered them to our surrounding neighbors.  Being new to the neighborhood, there was a couple that didn’t recognize us, so that was pretty amusing.   I called my grandmother, as it was her mother’s recipe because my cookies seemed flat at first.   She told me to add some more flour and by the last batch I think I had them perfect.   Well I better go as I’m going to make us lobster and crab legs for dinner, but I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Oh btw, our cat Joey knocked over our tree the other night, so he won’t be getting any gifts this year ;)


Chick’s Who Click Date…

We had an awesome time today, as some of Colorado’s coolest chick photographers came out to lunch.  We ended up at a great restaurant’s called Bloom, as P.F. Chang’s was very busy.  We talked a lot about albums, our business models, labs of choice, getting your name out there and distinguishing your self as a photographer.  We had an awesome time and Paige was so kind to have brought us each a little Christmas gift complete with a homework assignment.  Look for my finished work by the end of the year!  Here was a group photo of us after lunch…sorry Jennifer I forgot to take this when we were in the restaurant, so it’s missing you :(


From L to R…Me, the crazy Stacy Z, the uber talented Paige, and the lovely Julia.


Jim, jealous of the all girl photo “click” wanted to be part of the group.  Here is Jim with his handsome son, and the Chick’s who Click posse.

It was so great to see everyone!  I’m looking forward to meeting up some time next month :) , maybe for Happy Hour?

More AWESOME per square inch…

Yesterday I went skiing at Vail for the first time with my brother, Ryan. It was AWESOME! I woke up at 6:45 am, (which is rare for me) so that we could be on the slopes by 10. It was the perfect day, with beautiful sunny sky’s, great conditions and no wind. The incredibly fast quad lifts zoomed us to the top of each mountain, then we would race back down going about 35-40 miles an hour. My legs burned, especially when I would end up on a mountain full of moguls. We started off with a few easy green runs and then headed back to the open bowls…it was like skiing on magic fluff. Here were some pics from our adventure!


Ryan and I at Vail..


Wonderful portrait of my brother…


I know, I look like the abominable snow man or woman in this case.


ahhh…..I love to ski :)

Earlier in the month Wade and I spent a long weekend in Breckenridge. Here are just a few shots from that trip.


Me, very excited about our first ski day of the season. Check out all the fresh powder!


I took this on our way over to Breck from Keystone. This is Lake Dillon…breathtaking!

Hip marketing tips…

I promised some advice on being a successful female entrepreneur, so here a few helpful tips on marketing.  It is always difficult, as a new small business owner to get the word out about your product or service when the $ may not be there for advertising.  Richard Laermer of Punk Marketing suggests using some untraditional methods of advertising…free technology.

1.  Join the blog world.  It is a great way to reach your consumers in an honest and informal way.   Check out sites like or, which is what I use.

2.  Use social networking sites, such as MySpace or Facebook.  I recently joined Facebook, so be sure to stop by and add me as your friend.   If your product targets the over 40 crowd, try, or

3.  Add some video.  You can add video to show off something you sell.  There are a lot of free video-editing software sites out there.

4.  Most of all “Be Your Self”.  People are going to like your services or products, because they connect with you and trust you.  So keep in touch and network, network, network!

What motivates female entrepreneurs?

I read this interesting article in USA today about how work and life balance motivates female entrepreneurs.

Here were the major reasons for women to start their own businesses:

29% Work & Live Balance

22% Being own Boss

11% Building a Legacy

5% Fulfilling dream passion

If your a female and have started your own business, what was your motivation?  Check back soon for my story and tips on how to start your own business!

Chick’s who Click Lunch…

There are many of you whom I’ve wanted to get together with for lunch to talk about
photography, business or just plain girl stuff. So I’m inviting you to join me for a “Chick’s who Click”

WHEN? next Thursday Dec 20th
WHERE? P.F. Changs at the FlatIron Crossing Mall in Broomfield off Rt 36
Time? 12:30

I know it’s close to Christmas, but since we are meeting at the mall you can finish your Christmas shopping after lunch!

Please RSVP at!

Hope to see you there :)

Much Love,


Curry Chicken Recipe…

This recipe is incredibly easy and very yummy.  We made it last night after we got back from the gym.  Now that the weather is a bit colder, we’ve joined the Westminster Fitness Center last week and are enjoying the benefits.  My goal is to work out 5 days a week.  Last week I started on Wednesday and worked out 4x’s, so hopefully this week I’ll hit my goal.

Ok here is the recipe.   Prep time 10 min, cook time 15 min.

1 tbl veg oil

2 cups of cooked chx

1/8 tsp curry powder, we added more

1 md onion cut into wedges

2 cloves of garlic

1 cup cooked carrots

1 can chx broth

1 package of Near East Couscous Mediterranean Curry Couscous

1. In md skillet heat oil at md heat.  Heat chx 23 min.  Add curry powder, onions, garlic and carrots.  Cook for 3-5 min.

2.  Add broth; bring to a boil.  Stir in couscous and contents of Spice Pack.   Cover remove from heat.  Let stand for 5 min.  Also good with raisins and served with yogurt and chutney.

Yummy!  Do you have any favorite recipes?  If so please share :)

New Life..

My deepest sympathies go out to those families that lost loved ones during the CO church shootings on Sunday.  The first of two shootings took place a church missionary camp called YWAM located in Arvada, which is the suburb below us.   The second took place at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, when a brave volunteer, security guard took the shooter down.  Thankfully only four lives were taken, we say this like it’s a good thing, however in a day and age when shooting sprees occur and dozens are killed, it is a good thing.

It really hit home to me, as we had just drove threw Arvada on Sunday on our way to the slopes.  In addition, I frequently attend church on Sundays, and the idea that it could have happened at our place of worship is kind of scary.   If you  pray, please lift up the families who lost love ones in addition to the brave security guard Jeanee Assam, who saved any where from 50-100 lives.

Christians die every day for their beliefs all over the world, but when it happens in your back yard, you wake up and you thank God for your life, your new life knowing that life is but a vapor on this world.  What will you do to make a difference?   Read here to see what Assam did with the help of God.

Powder Alert…

I am so blessed to have such wonderful family!  My uncle just gave us a two night stay at the Grand Timber Lodge in Breckenridge, CO as an early Christmas present :)   Needless to say I’m overly ecstatic.  We plan to go for a long weekend, so I’ll be out of the office this Monday and Tuesday skiing!!  Check back soon for photographs from our mini-vacation.  Whoo-hooo….the conditions are supposed to be great.   I love living in Colorado!  Click here to see photographs from the last time we went skiing in March.