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Monthly Archives: November 2007

A decade later…

Last Friday night I went to my 10 year high school reunion.  I can’t believe it has been 10 years already!  So much has changed in that time, but it was nice that a lot of the friendships remained the same.  Many of us picked up where we left off, greeting each other with hugs and reminiscing about days past.  If anyone can believe it, I’m actually much more tame then when I was in high school.  Perhaps because I switched to decaf or maybe I’m just more mature?  Who knows for sure.  A special thanks to my good friends Brooke and Brian, whom I have much admiration for in their spiritual and academic pursuits!  You guys are rockstars for putting together such a great reunion.  Feel free to leave comments!  Here were just a few highlights from the night.


There were about 36 of us in attendance.  Seneca represent!  Check out the beautiful line of ladies sitting in the chairs…oh wait how did he get there?  Shay probably changed seats with him last minute to hide her baby bump, beautiful as always I’ve renamed her Shay-Lo.  Congrats Shay!


Claire, Brian, Brook, Me and Sherry representing the high school swim team.  Mary was in the next frame, but  it came out a little blurry…sorry Mary!


Brian and I were captains of the high school swim team, so was Brooke who was featured in the photo above.  I have fond memories of Brian cheering for me on the pool side as I swam the 500 free…it was a long swim and I usually needed the encouragement.  Thanks Brian!

I look forward to seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion!

Dirty Dozen…

Well actually there are 13 hills in the Dirty Dozen cycling race held the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This was the 25th year for the Dirty Dozen Race invented by the bicycle mogul, Danny Chew.  There was the largest turn out ever with 129 insane cyclists racing up the 13 steepest hills in Pittsburgh.   To view and order images from the race, click here.  Check out the group photo below.  Congrats to everyone who participated!


Back from the technology vortex…

Last Tuesday we flew to Pittsburgh and on Wednesday drove to Western NY to spend Turkey Day with Wade’s awesome family. We always have a great time when we visit and also had a Merry Thanksmas where we exchanged gifts early this year. One of the nice luxuries about visiting is the lack of cell phone reception and the almost non existent internet service (they just got dial up). This forces us to get away from our laptops and simply enjoy family. I also enjoyed reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point”. I finished about a third of the book in one sitting, so I’m looking forwarding to completing the remainder of the book. I highly recommend it, as it’s a very interesting read.

We returned on Friday to go to my 10 year high school reunion, which I’ll be posting a few pics from soon. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! Then Saturday we photographed “The Dirty Dozen”, a bike race up the 12 steepest hills in Pittsburgh. My brother flew in just for the race with hopes to win. He came in a very admirable 4th place and Steevo, my good friend Amy’s boyfriend placed first. Congrats! Hopefully I’ll have some pics of that event up soon too.

How about the Steelers! If they would have lost to Miami it would have been a sad state of affairs. Good thing for Reed being a good kicker or we may not have scored any points. On a happier note, we’ll be going to the Steeler vs. Bengals game next Sunday night before we head out for CO on Monday. I can’t wait! Also on the agenda, Shannon and Nate’s wedding on Saturday, the last one of the season. It is rather humorous, as my second shooter’s name is Nate too :)

Happy Monday!

How much is my blog worth?

I tried this a few months back with unfavorable results, but now my blog has gone up significantly. Check it out!

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My blog is worth $6,774.48.
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When it rains…

It pours.  In addition to my recent feature on “Don’t Box Us In” and winning the F-stop photography competition,  I was just accepted to photographik, an exclusive, elite photography network that features only the most talented and accomplished wedding and portrait photographic talent throughout the United States!  It is a huge honor to be featured on this site.  Look for my listings soon in the Colorado mountain region’s top 5!

F-stop workshop winner…

A couple of months ago I attended the F-stop workshop held by the uber talented Jenna Walker, rockstar James Christianson and guest photographer guru’s, the Humphreys. I would definitely recommend it to anyone just starting out, because they share a ton of great insider secrets and are just all around awesome photographers. Needless to say, they had a photography competition during the workshop. I just found out that out of 20 photographers that attended, I’m the winner! We had an hour, one model and a homework assignments consisting of 5 shots we had to capture. To see the winning images and read more, click here! Thanks guys for choosing my images!

Mi Casa Su Casa….

Last night over 20 photographers from around Denver and a couple from Southern California met up at our home last night. I was thrilled with the turnout! Plus, it was awesome to meet so many people passionate about photography and willing to share what they are learning or what inspires them. There are so many amazingly talented young photographers in the Denver Market! I feel so blessed to have met just a portion of them.

I know for a few of us, getting together encouraged starting our own personal photography project (look for mine soon), where others like RJ shared his ‘MacGyver’ tricks. Paige also shared a sweet trick with her pocket wizard. I love the synergy that occurs when photographers get together!! Thanks to everybody that came out and brought a bottle of wine too! I’ll have to have another party next month so we can drink it all ;) Here were some highlights from the get together. If your a photographer in the Denver area and would like to be a part of our monthly meeting, please email me at for more info. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in January when we meet up at Kevin and Jess’s pad.


Here is Stacey Z, Me and Katie Humphrey.


Here is Chris Humphrey, Stacey Z, Paige Elizebeth, Katie, Jenna Walker and Gino Siller.


Kevin talking shop with Mark and Rachel.


Paige demonstrating her rad pocket wizard trick.


Here I am playing with RJ’s fish eye. RJ’s in the back with me and Paige. She’s my sister from another mother, and she’s also been featured on “Don’t Box Us In!


me and my honey :) …sooo happy!


These are my Nikonian soul brothers…I was so pumped with all the nikon shooters that showed up. Nikon in the house!


More fisheye fun with my kitty Joey :) Photo by Gino.


Photo compliments of RJ. I didn’t make it in this one, but check out all those happy photographers.


Ok I probably got carried away with the fisheye….I gotta get one of these.


Joey had a long night of partying…he had enough.

Thanksmas & St. Arbucks…

This year we are celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving or at least with family that lives on the East coast.  With only one 13 days left to shop I’m really feeling a bit behind.  However, Starbucks is helping me to get in the spirit with their Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino that made it’s debut on Thursday.   I wouldn’t normally drink a frap this time of year, but Denver is having a warm spell with temperatures reaching  70 today.

My hubby and I are enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning.  He just made the most delicious cinnamon pancakes and now we are getting ready to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Denver.

Happy Saturday!

Don’t Box Us in…

Well here is the news you’ve been waiting for…. I was recently asked to be a photographer featured on “Don’t box us In“!  This a website that features today’s best Artistic and Creative Photographers and the sister site to the well known “Trash the Dress“.  I was delighted to be featured with all the other super creative wedding photographers in the world on there.  Click here to view the article.
Here is a little clip about “Don’t Box Us In” that I really feel emulates my style of photography.

“We aren’t saying that your photographer shouldn’t be capturing the traditional formals or group shots….we’re just saying that when it comes to your wedding portfolio, if you are looking for amazing creative shots that will really set your pictures apart from everyone else, look for a creative photographer. Creatives don’t like to be boxed in with titles such as Portrait Artist, Photojournalist, or even Fashion Photographer. A good creative photographer uses a mixture of styles to create the ultimate portfolio for his or her clients.”

If your a bride looking for wedding images that don’t box you in, drop me a line to see if your date is still available :)

Many Thanks to those at Don’t Box Us In, especially Sophie from Amorphia Photography.

Sleeping with the enemy and the Perfect Storm…

Recently, I’ve been contemplating switching from Nikon to Canon.  I know many photographers who have made the switch and been very happy, however Nikon is finally coming out with their full frame digital camera the D3, which is supposed to be incredible.   The Canon 5D has been calling my name for some time now.  Let me know what you think I should do.

Also, we have some very exciting news here at Center Avenue Imaging that I’ll be announcing with in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!  Things are heating up in the mile high city.

On another exciting note, did you see the Steelers last night!  Ya, for Monday night football :)   I could not believe that there were 3 turnovers that resulted in 3 touch downs before half time.  A congrats to Big Ben who threw 5 touch down passes last night!  I always become a little nostalgic when I see the 3 rivers with it’s incredibly beautiful bridges and bright lights.