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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Trick or Not???

I was so bummed, because we only had two trick or treaters this evening! Where did they all go? I was hoping to take a few photographs of the kidos all dressed up. Oh well, I did add some new things to my blog, check out the new header. I’ve also updated my logo and have some fancy new cards to boot….whoo-hoo.  Let me know what you think!  Oh also feel free to chat or leave comments in the cbox that was just added to my blog;)

In launching a new branding effort, I’ll also be hosting next month’s Denver Photography Meet Up group at our home on November 14th at 7pm. If your new to photography or would enjoy meeting up with other photographers in the area to learn new marketing ideas and discuss album design or workflow then RSVP at I would love to meet you! Plus we have plenty of treats left over ;)

Terry & Bill…

This past Sunday I headed up to Golden, CO to second shoot with my friend Tracy of Meadow Sweet Studio’s. It was a laid back affair and Terry’s two kids were part of the festivities too. Unfortunately, the fog laid thick in the foothills, so we were not able to go outside for many photographs, but here were some I took during the event.

103.jpg 93.jpg




46.jpg 85.jpg




She was upset because the boys wouldn’t let her play on the dance floor :(

First Sip in Boulder…

Monday night I headed out to the Sterling-Rice Group at One Boulder Center to cover “First Sip”.  It is an event hosted for all of the restaurants that will be involved in the second annual “First Bite” where 40 restaurants in Boulder will be offering phenomenal 3 course cuisines for only $26 the week of November 3-10.  I’ll also be covering the Fist Bite kick off on Friday night at the Boulder Center for Art to help raise $ for  a non-profit called “There for Care“.   There mission is to provide services for families with critically ill children.  In an effort to give back to the community and also help raise awareness for this organization I’ll be volunteering my services on Friday night.  For more information on the event, click here.   I hope to see you there!  In the mean time here were some highlights from First Sip!



Check out the mountains in the back…the sun had just set.


Here were some early tricker-treaters.





This is a new soda coming out called “Dry Soda“.  I especially enjoyed the Lavender flavor :)

I met a lot of really cool people and I’m looking forward to trying out some of the restaurants next week, especially Laudisio.

Running in the Rockies…

After an over 2 year hiatus from running 5k’s, I’m back and will be running the “Heart Center of the Rockies 5K” around Boyd Lake in Loveland, CO on Nov 3rd. The race is to raise money for a fishing spot for disabled kids. If your a runner, you should come out an join me :)

I only started training on Friday, but have found a great loop that goes up around Ketner lake providing a gorgeous view of the snow capped mountains. Later today I’m going to go up to Boyd Lake, close to where my relatives live and run the course. I’m really looking forward to it, especially because it forces me to go out and run and gives me a reason to train.

I’m also considering running one on the 19th of November in Denver. I went out for a run yesterday with my husband and running partner, but he sprained his ankle :( So hopefully he’ll still be able to run on race day. Maybe now I’ll have a chance to beat him!

Check back for pictures from my Aunt Rose’s surprise 50th Birthday party on Sunday! We had a great time, however I was very sad that the Steelers lost to the Broncos :(

This Saturday I’ll be second shooting a wedding in Golden, CO at the Mt. Vernon Country Club, which should be a great time! Check back for pictures from that wedding and Joycee and Kurt’s slideshow :)

Kurt & Joycee…

It was the perfect fall day this past Saturday, crisp, plenty of sunshine and a couple madly in love. If you don’t remember their e-session you can click here. I had a lot of fun photographing this wedding and it always helps when you know people that are in the wedding party. Kurt and I have a mutual friend, Shane whom always loves to ham it up for the camera. A special thanks to Meg, a student at the Art Institute and a long time friend whom second shot with me! Click here for the slideshow! Here were some highlights from the wedding.

34.jpg 24.jpg

Peppers created this lovely boquet…it smelled incredible!


the girls…


and the guys…lol


the guys letting off some steam before the ceremony…Meg caught this great shot!

172.jpg 63.jpg

Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes?


A tearful hug for her father…



These guys know how to have fun!

102.jpg 112.jpg

I LOVE this one with the sun gleaming through her veil! I really liked her dress by Alfred Angelo too.


A little relaxing…


Frolicking in the leaves…


very funny toast by the best man…I love the bridesmaids faces.


This is one of my favorite first dance shots ever. I’ve been watching a lot of old-glam Hollywood movies lately and admiring the impeccable use of back lit subjects, so I’ve decided to try and implement this idea into my photography. This is what I came up with…check out DJ Skyes in the back! Super sweet!

Thanks Kurt & Joycee! Have an awesome time on your honeymoon!

Toto we’re going home…

Today, after being in PA for 19 days I get to fly back home to beautiful sunny CO.  My time here has been well spent shooting some awesome weddings, catching up with old friends and spending time with family.  My hubby, Wade flew in for a week, which made being apart much more tolerable.  However, I miss my cat Joey very much!  It will be nice to get back into my routine and to see the Rockies again.  Plus, the Steelers play the Broncos this Sunday, so I have to get back to throw a party and watch the Steelers win :)

Here are some subjects of my affection I took just before I left Colorado.


My hubby, isnt’ he good looking? I think so…he never used to smile before I met him, now he never stops :)   I can’t wait to see him.


Here is my kitty, Joey bathing in the sun light.  Notice the blanket on our new leather chair….Joey isn’t declawed and doesn’t  stay off the furniture, so we have to cover it up.  I’m thinking about getting him those kitty claw tabs, but he is a boy and they look a lot like fake nails to me.   We’ll see, it might be worth it to save our furniture.


My new orange crocks I got while I was in Estes…I got a red Mary Jane pair too :)


The sunset with a full moon.


A random sunset shot out of the roof of my Jetta.  We planned to go to an overlook to shoot the sunset, but it happened a little quicker than we expected.  I guess that happens when there are enormous mountains on the horizon.

Frank and Jen…

This past Saturday, on an unusually warm October day I had the opportunity to photograph Frank and Jen as they committed their lives to each other. Jen is very organized, beautiful and was great to work with from the beginning. Frank’s laid back demeanor compliment Jen perfectly. We had plenty of time to capture some wonderful images from their day, so I apologize for the numerous images in this post. It was really hard to pick out my favorites! A special thanks to Nate for second shooting with me, it’s always a pleasure. Click here for the slideshow!


Getting ready..


I LOVE this image! In fact I like it so much it is the new opening image to my website!

142.jpg 61.jpg






171.jpg 161.jpg


These guys gave new meaning to the chicken dance! I love Italian weddings….crazy dances and tons of cookies :)

Frank and Jen I hope your have a great time in Disney World! Jeff thanks for the chance to photograph your daughters wedding, it was an honor. Many Blessings!

Austin Family & Adoption…

I think it is so important to give back to your community and that is why when a non-profit organization asks me to provide my services, I’m always happy to oblige. Yesterday I met up with the Austin Family who adopted their little girl through the Bethany Christian Adoption Services. Next month Bethany will be hosting a banquet for those families who have adopted through the agency and a few images from our session will be framed and hung up for display! I was honored to be a part of promoting adoption, as many wonderful things come out of it, for example, my husband. His father was adopted when he was a little boy and now he has gone on to raise 5 amazing kids, pastors a church in NY and has been such a major role model to my husband. Thanks Dad! Here were some of my favorites from the session.

141.jpg 211.jpg



Nate & Shannon’s E-session….

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with Nate and Shannon who will be married December 1st in Pittsburgh. We met up in Shadyside on Ellsworth Avenue and had a great time enjoying the last of this summer-like weather. These two are high school sweethearts and have been living far apart ever since. First through college and now working in separate states. Nate works in DC where Shannon will join him come December. I’m sure they’ll be relieved to finally be together! Click here to see their slideshow!

Bre’s Maternity Session…

This post is way past due, as Bre had her baby boy on August 24th.  However, the editing got put on the back burner due to our move out west and this birthday present is a bit late.   I think she’ll forgive me, seeing as she is one of my closest friends.


I love this image!




Here is the little peanut only 6 days old!

Congrats Bre & Scott!  I’m so excited for the two of you.  Look forward to seeing you soon.