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Monthly Archives: September 2007

anniversary,elk,estes park & candy apples…

I’m back in PA for the next weeks to shoot a couple of weddings and enjoy the beautiful change of fall foliage.  I got in yesterday and I’m already missing the rocky mountains, blue sky, my hubby and beautiful, but some times annoyingly loud Siamese cat.  I’m revving up for tomorrows’s wedding at Grove City college of Derek and Katie Long.  They’re a super good looking couple and I can’t wait to capture their day.  In the mean time I thought I would post some images from CO.  Don’t get me wrong, I like PA too.  In fact last night my girlfriends and I hit Tai Pai for happy hour…they have the best crunchy salmon sushi,then over to my friend Sarah’s to watch the Office.  Oh how I’ve missed watching the office.   Grey’s Anatomy is downloading on my apple right now and after this post I’m planning to watch it.  Ok, here is a recap of the last two weekends chillen in CO.


Here I am riding my mt bike with the flat irons in the background.


Here is Wade contemplating off roading for some cool shots…BTW I took these with my pt and shoot.



Here is a shot of Denver and Stanley Lake…I think our house is in there too, as we biked up to this cool dog park to take this image the weekend before last.

estespark-10.jpg estespark-1.jpg


We headed up to Estes for our anniversary to find these Elk grazing as we entered the park.  It’s also mating  season, so he has his harem of cow he’s calling to.  The elk to the upper left is looking on, hoping a little cow will leave the pack and join him;)


We stayed at a cute B&B called the Bristlecone Inn…I highly recommend it.


Here are some images from our hike around Bear Lake.  It was raining,so I only brought my pt & shoot.  It stopped long enough for us to grab these cool textured shots.


It was also the first day of Fall…check out these Aspen!


Wade and I hiking…


Ahhh breathtaking….


I snapped this one as we were leaving the park.


Later on that night we went to the Twin Owls for our anniversary dinner.  We had a beautiful view of the sunset out the window and I enjoyed  the 4×4 surf & turf!   I still can’t believe we live in Colorado…probably because I keep flying back to PA.  I feel so blessed to live in such an amazing place!  Wade will be flying back on the 10th to help me shoot my third wedding this trip.  I can’t wait to see him.  Time to watch Greys!

out of office..

I’ll be out of the office till late on Monday.  My husband and I are going to Estes Park for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary!  We have our bikes all tuned up, thanks to my brother and we are ready to mountain bike in the Northern Rockies.  Bear Lake here we come!  Have a great weekend :)


F-stop Workshop…

I had an amazing time at F-stop Workshop held by the amazingly talented Jenna Walker and James Christianson. I learned a lot of valuable information about branding, shooting, business and more. If you live in the Denver area you should definitely check out their next workshop, it was top notch. In addition to learning a ton I met a lot of great photographers, whom I know will quickly become great friends with too. I’m anxious to put everything I’ve learned into practice, but in the mean time here are some of my favorite images from the rad workshop!

81.jpg 91.jpg


101.jpg 121.jpg

141.jpg 161.jpg

151.jpg 171.jpg

25.jpg 30.jpg


33.jpg 34.jpg

A special thanks to Chris and Kate Humphreys whom came out from Southern, California to share their knowledge and insight into the industry!

Look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Keep in touch!


Shannon Kaple

Center Avenue Imaging

Pittsburgh Steelers have the most female fans…

My husband and I moved to Denver 4 weeks ago and we absolutely love it, but there is one thing I really miss about Pittsburgh, aside from my friends and family, and that is the STEELERS! I was fortunate enough to be back in the Burgh to shoot a wedding and watch as they defeated the Browns 34-7. However, with out the purchase of the “NFL Pass” on comcast we are limited by only watching the highlights over the internet :( We have researched some sports bars in the area and hope to make it out to one soon.

In the mean time, I came across this interesting article stating that the Pittsburgh Steelers have the most female fans out of any team in the NFL! I certainly can vouch for that, as I’m sure my Aunt Amy, whom is a die hard Steeler fan can as well. Go Steelers!!


Out of the office…

I’ll be out of the office tomorrow, September 17th and Tuesday the 18th attending the F-stop workshop in Denver.  I’m super pumped about the opportunity to network with other photographers and learn new ideas about expanding my business and perfecting my craft.  If your a photographer, I strongly encourage you to attend a photography workshop in your area.  It is awesome to surround yourself with other creative individuals like yourself…I love the synergy that happens and how refreshed I feel after an event like this!  Check back soon from images of the workshop!  I’ll be returning phone calls and emails when I return on Wednesday.

On a side note our 2 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow!  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.  Wade has graciously allowed me to attend this workshop, even though it’s on our anniversary:)  I think he is planning a special get away for next weekend, but it’s a big surprise!  I keep on harassing him hoping he’ll break, but the location is still a mystery!

Jeff & Kelly fight for our freedom…

I first met Jeff and Kelly on their wedding day, as Kelly was called overseas during their scheduled engagement session. Since I’ve moved to Colorado and the awesome couple live in North Carolina it made it difficult to cross paths prior to their big day. Thankfully they were able to get scheduled time off to exchange their nuptials and celebrated this past Saturday at the Succop Conservacy in Butler, PA. Kelly’s mother in law, Linda was kind enough to help coordinate the days event and she did a lovely job!

In order to commemorate those lives that were lost on 9/11, I deemed it appropriate to honor a couple whom fights for our freedom by posting some images from their wedding day! Click here for the slideshow!

15.jpg 14.jpg

Catlin, Jeff’s 4 year old niece was the flower girl. Upon arrival of where the girls were getting ready Catlin rushed to the front door in only her slip to announce that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the Bride yet because she didn’t have her dress on….lol. I love kids. Here is an image of Kelly’s dress. I adore the broach…very classy.

13.jpg 12.jpg

Here is Kelly…isn’t she stunning! I quickly grabbed this image of Kelly putting on her camouflage garder…it was a joke, as Jeff loves to hunt. Even the grooms cake had shot gun shells on it!

11.jpg 10.jpg

Check out these 4 inch heels!

17.jpg 9.jpg

Kelly’s father couldn’t be there, so her brother’s walked her down the aisle.


Kelly’s mom couldn’t be more proud.



It rained off and on during the ceremony, but it didn’t seem to bother the couple.


Catlin, excited about the idea of riding in a limo insisted on going with the newlyweds as the circled around the block. Brent caught this stellar image!

4.jpg 16.jpg

Some fun relaxed portraits…


This cake was beautiful…it reminded me out of something from Alice in Wonderland!


This image is so appropriate for today…two soldiers looking across the sky as the American flag is displayed in the background. You can’t see it very well, but it actually looks like an eagle is flying over them when I shot this picture!


Jeff and Kelly thanks so much for allowing us to be part of your special day!

Thrilled witht the results…

I absolutely love my job.  I’m in constant awe that I actually get to pursue a job that I’m so passionate about and brings me so much joy.  It is always an honor to photograph couples sharing the most important day of their lives together.  A few days ago I got a Linkedin recommendation from one of my July groom’s, Nate.  Linkedin is a great online networking community, which allows you to connect with other colleagues, friends and associates.  I’m always flattered when someone takes the time to appreciate my gifts and talents, as indicated below.   Thanks Nate!

“It’s a shame I only get to pick 3 top attributes for Shannon, because she also displays high degrees of integrity, timeliness and expertise, which make her services top notch.

Shannon photographed my wedding on July 28, 2007, and my wife and I were absolutely thrilled with the results! She captured so many wonderful moments of the day.   She was a joy to work with, and she obviously takes pride in her craft. The photo slideshows that she puts together for her clients impressed not only my wife and I, but also all of our family and friends that we e-mailed it to.

The tasteful creativity that Shannon displays through her photography has kept my wife and I talking about her to our family and friends. We heartily recommend her, and will enjoy sharing her work with any future children and grandchildren we are blessed with.”

Kevin & Stephanie…

Kevin & Stephanie were married on August 11 at St. Mary on the Mount followed by their reception at the Rivers Club in down town Pittsburgh. It was a beautiful Pittsburgh day and we were fortunate enough to grab some pictures from the East End overlook, which provided a sweet view of the city. I have never seen a bride laugh as much as Stephanie on her wedding day. She was full of joy and delighted to marry her best friend….she was radiant! Kevin’s best man gave one of the greatest toasts I’ve ever heard at a wedding…and I’ve heard a lot! It was very complimentary of the couple and rather humerus too. The party went late into the night, complete with break dancing! I was very impressed. Here is a slideshow from the festive occasion. Kevin and Stephanie, I wish the best marriage in the world! A special thanks to Nate for second shooting with me!

Boulder’s Hometown Fair…

Last week on my way to “Little Mountain” in Boulder to pick up a gift for my closest friend’s new born baby,  I came across the Boulder Market.  Intrigued by the myriad of colorful people, fresh produce and playful pups I vowed to return to the market on Saturday, only this time with my Nikon D200 and 70-200 zoom lens in tote.  I was delighted to find that along side the market was the “Boulder Hometown Fair”.  It provided the perfect place for photographing and I also met some really nice people too.  Here are some images from the event.


Everyone in CO has a dog…I think my cat is developing a complex from the lack of feline neighbors!


dsc_0011.jpg  dsc_0024.jpg


dsc_0039.jpg dsc_0052.jpg

This is Jen’s dog, Cloe…isn’t he adorable.  Jen’s in law school at CU and Cloe is only 14 weeks old!

The sepia image is of kids playing in the creek.  It’s very abstract, but may be one of my favorites.


The organic market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.  They have vendors selling very yummy cooked food too!  In fact I may have to stop by again this evening, as I’ll be picking up my cameras.   They are being cleaned at Mike’s Camera store on Pearl Street…just a few blocks away!!

Check back soon for images from the Hasselwander wedding!  I hope to have some up by the end of the week.   I have another wedding in PA this weekend and will be leaving our house at 5am tomorrow morning to catch my flight!  Wish me luck because I am not a morning person.

John & Lauren…

John & Lauren had a beautiful and intimate wedding consisting of close friends and family. They exchanged their vows at ACAC where they attend church and the reception was held at the charming Schenley Park Cafe on August 4th, 2007 (yes, I’m a bit behind on my blog entries;). I had a great time and actually felt like I too was part of the family! I met a bunch of really great people at this event and I hope to see them again, perhaps to photograph their wedding:)! A special thanks to Brent and Wade who helped capture some stellar images! There are so many fantastic images that I couldn’t pick my favorites, so I’m trying something new and only showing the slideshow! You can view their slideshow here. Let me know what you think of this new method! These two definitely get the sexiest kisser award! Thanks John & Lauren for including me in your special day, we had a great time! BTW, they had the best cupcakes…who ever thought of this idea instead of having cake for your guests is a genius! It’ all I can think about after editing these pictures…yummy;)