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{Denver Engagement Photographer} Brent & Victoria at Wash Park…

Ok, so I’m not good at keeping up with my blog,which is why I’ve had these images simmering in their nice folder for some time now just waiting to make an appearance on my blog!  A few months back I photographed Brent & Victoria’s engagement session at Washington Park.  They have to be two of the sweetest people ever and met while Brent was teaching EOSL classes at church.  You see Victoria is from Columbia and has to be one of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen hail from her country!  So here are a couple images of the two of them.  Incidentally, Washington Park was the location of their very first kiss, so it held an extra special meaning for the two of them!  I love when couples incorporate a special place into there session.

I like this one because it reminds me of the old film days..

These next 4 are all very similar, but I love each of them for different reasons.

especially this one..very timeless!

Then their super fun dog, Floppy joined us!  The name of my first dog, a german shepard was named Floppy too :)

He enjoyed being part of the action!  Brent used to play soccer in school, so we brought out the soccer ball too.

I had a great time with you guys and congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

{Boulder Engagement Photographer} The proposal at the Flatirons in Boulder…

A few weeks ago, my brother Ryan McDermitt, and long time friend Carrie Zoltowski got engaged!  It was over a year ago that I was taking my brother to the airport, as he was on his way to NYC for a business trip.  I had told him a few days earlier that he should meet my “crazy” friend Carrie, as she worked for Marc Jacobs, lived in the city and I knew she would be happy to show him around.  Unfortunately, he never did see much of NYC, as the bar they were supposed to meet at had been torn down.   However, what he did see was a beautiful, energetic, loving, driven women, whom he couldn’t stop talking and smiling about when I picked him up from the airport.

Little did I know they would hit it off so well, and now be living together in Boulder and engaged!  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them or hand pick a better wife for my brother and sister in law for me :)   My brother is one of my closest friends, always pushing me to be the best, encouraging me (in his own way) and has always been there for me, and Carrie is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, next to her sister Lea of course ;)   Prior to meeting Ryan, Carrie did not know how to swim, but after a few lessons, she not only mastered swimming, but went on to get certified in Scuba diving so she could dive with Ryan on one of their many trips to Mexico!  Very impressive.

I felt honored to not only be their for the engagement, but also help him pick out her diamond from the incredible artist and jewler, J. Albrecht.  On a side note, if your in the market for an engagement ring or custom jeweelry you have to visit their storefront near Boulder, Jay and his wife Laina are amazingly sweet, and Jay and his brother in law Kenny create beautiful masterpieces.  I’ve had several friends who have created their rings there and were very thrilled with the result. Here is a little snippet from their website,

Our strength is creating and fabricating custom made jewelry from start to finish, without the snob quality that other custom jewelers seem to flaunt.  Our custom design process is the easiest way we know of to create heirloom quality jewelry that reflects your style and tastes.

Needless to say, Carrie being a designer and artist, is thrilled with the opportunity to customize her ring!

Now onto some images from the proposal!0002.jpg

Carrie had no idea that he was about to ask her!  Ryan looks pretty excited though :)

rc1.jpgThey are always laughing and having a good time together.


Half way up, he stopped at the bathroom and put the ring on his little pinky, which you can see here.0007.jpg


I think she was a little shocked!



She was very happy!




After the proposal we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Boulder, Bacaro.  They brought us out a complimentary dessert plate to celebrate the happy couple!


It was yummy!  We are definitely planning to back soon.  They have an amazing happy hour too!

Carrie, welcome to the family!  I’m ecstatic that you are going to be my sister!

{Boulder Wedding Photography} Nicollete and Ben’s E-session in Boulder…

I met Nicollete a few months ago at the Bride’s Against Breast Cancer event at the Ritz Carlton in Denver. I love her effervescent personality and zest for life! She was the lucky recipient of a complimentary engagement session from Center Avenue Imaging, so I met up with her and her fiance last week in Boulder and we had a great time!! They have the best engagement story ever, as Ben surprised her with a helicopter ride to a swanky restaurant where he proceeded to ask the love of his life to be with him forever! Be sure to check back soon for the slideshow, but for now check some of my favorites below!









{Denver Wedding Photographer} Kevin & Kristen’s Denver Engagement Session….

Last Thursday I had the chance to photograph Kevin and Kristen’s Engagement session in downtown Denver. Their dog, Harley joined us too, and although it was very hot, we were able to capture some great images! Kristen was made to be in front of the camera and Kevin was a great sport about the whole thing. We had a great time and I was fortunate to have Wade along, whom at one point was not only holding onto Harley, who was very strong, and all my gear, but was also holding Kristen’s Louis Vuitton purse. Wade thank you!! I love you with all my heart.

Kevin and Kristen make a stunning couple and are very much in love, as you’ll be able to see. Kevin is also the owner of Spill Lounge in LoDo, so we were able to get some great images there too. Here were some of my favorites! Also, be sure to check out their guest book pre-design here! eddye-session-1.jpg






Kristen has the most stunning eyes, isn’t she gorgeous?


They live in the Glass House featured here behind them.


so we decided to head up to their balcony for a beautiful view of the sunset…breath taking!kk4.jpg

Then it was off to Spill…


We ended up on the roof top for the last few images and were able to use this great cabana for a departing shot. We enjoyed having a few drinks with them before we left and getting to know them better. Thank you Kevin and Kristen…we are really looking forward to photographing your wedding in October!!

{Ft. Collins Wedding Photography}

I first met Tiffany back in December and knew she was going to be a fun bride to work with over the following year.   Well it turns out that Mark, her fiance, is just as nice!  The two met while visiting Colorado State University during their senior year in high school.  It turns out that both of their mom’s had some thing in common, being extremely early for everything, so being the only two student’s who had arrived yet, they were forced to talk to each other.  Little did they know they would end up as husband and wife 6 years later!  In fact, Mark was all set to attend another college with  a  scholarship for football, when a few weeks later he had a major injury and ended up at CSU!  I’m certain Tiffany is glad he did, and from the looks of it Mark is too!  Here were some of my favorites from their engagement session!mt2.jpg

We headed down to the oval, which is a beautiful part of campus….


and we had some fun…


took a break in the lawn…



hung out in town..Ft. Collins is a really cute area, the two of them hope to buy a house there in March and for Tiffany to go back for her Masters.  I think it’s a great idea!


Bisetti’s is where Mark and Tiffany had their first date and where Mark later proposed!smith-session-10.jpg

I don’t think they fight much, but here they are having a little fun!


We were walking back to the car for another outfit change, when I asked “What do you like to do when you’re not planning your wedding?”  Mark was quick to respond “We like to go hunting!”  Tiffany said “we?”  So I thought it was only appropriate to take this next two series of images.   Some how I don’t see Tiffany as the hunting type…lol.


Who is hunting who?  It looks like the fish are going to get them!


Of course many of college night’s were spent at Lucky Joe’s!

Mark and Tiffany I can’t wait for your Denver wedding in October!!

Peter & Kimberly Engagement Session…

Recently, I’ve had a lot of people asking me “Do you want to photograph other things besides weddings?”  Of course every photographer wants the chance to work on their own projects and photograph other things, and I’m no exception.  However, I LOVE photographing weddings and part of the passion stems from meeting and forging friendships with the amazing couples that I’m lucky enough to meet.  Peter and Kimberly are two of those people, and I knew from the first time I met them that they were going to be a blast to work with and their e-session proved to be just that!    Here are a few of my favorites.



A little visit to Old Mill Park in Longmont…


Peter and Kimberly shared with me, upon my arrival that fate had actually brought them together 15 years earlier!  Peter keeps a digital frame at their apartment with images dating back to his high school years in band.  Upon a visit from Kimberly’s mom, she actually remembered him from a photo she had with Kimberly in the background changing out of her band uniform!  What a small world!  So they were anxious to get a photo by this really cool antique store call “Serendipity.”  Isn’t that perfect?

Wade and I can totally relate, because after we met, we managed to recall 5 times earlier in our lives that we could have met.  For instance, just to name a few, Wade received a full ride to where I attended undergrad, but turned it down, as it was too close to home; Wade’s sister tried to fix him up w/ my best friend whom I was living with in 2001, but he never called; we lived 3 miles apart from each other for two years and never met; Wade actually attended the same church I did once in 2002 never to return!  I’m glad we finally got together!   As I’m certain that Peter and Kimberly are happy to be reunited again!






We had to stop on the way to “Boondocks”, the home of their first date, to capture this beautiful Colorado sky!


I loved Kimberly’s idea to take photographs in the mini golf area…the little houses are sooo cute.  I’m not so sure Peter was as excited about it…lol.


P & K will be renting out our “Photo Booth” for their wedding guests, so it was only appropriate to get some pics in the  arcade area.   If you’re interested in renting a photo booth for your wedding, birthday party or corporate event, please email me at for more info!  They are sooo much fun!



They ended the night in the bumper boats, which looked like a blast!  I can’t wait to go back with Wade!

Thanks Kimberly and Peter I had a great time hanging out with you last night and I’m looking forward to your Estes Park wedding come December!

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Engagement Session at Dakota Ridge Trail, CO…

This past Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of not only shooting an engagement session with two very laid back and very sweet people, Matt and Liz, but I also got to take a hike on Dakota Ridge Trail as Nally, their future ring bearer lead the way. Thankfully the rain held off and three of them got to show me where they enjoy hiking, running and mountain biking…well not Nally, she hasn’t learned how to reach the pedals just yet ;) Here were some of my favorites from their session.



I was experimenting with another layered image and texture that I took during our hike including some moss that was growing on a nearby rock….what do you think? It reminds me of a dream sequence. lm2.jpg

I also had the chance to photograph them with this awesome rainbow in the back. I think it will bring future good luck ;)




I love the image to the right…from what Liz says, they spend most of the time picking on one another and laughing, so I think this is a good representation of their relationship :)


Nally was very photogenic and enjoyed having her photograph taken too. At one point when I was lagging back on the hike to grab some images, she stayed back too. Matt later said that she was herding me, it turns out she doesn’t like when people get separated from the pack…so cute!


I’m really looking forward to photographing your wedding in Breckenridge next month! See you then!!

Engagement Session from Pittsburgh…

The end of March I had the privilege of flying to my home town of Pittsburgh to shoot Steve and Cassandra’s e-session. I must admit it was a little disheartening at first, because the previous day I had photographed in the most amazing warm Colorado light and after landing in the Burgh I was met with the dreary, sunless western Pennsylvania sky. So I chose to use a different element in this e-session focusing on color, textures and an urban setting. After meeting up with the incredibly gorgeous and gifted writer, Cassandra and her handsome fiance, Steve, I was rejuvenated with by Cassandra’s infectious laugh and Steve’s warm heart :) We had a blast shooting in the Southside of Pittsburgh, which provided the perfect urban backdrop!!

These two have the most AMAZING love story ever! They first met while in Mozambique where Cassandra was working on her first novel and Steve was doing a short term mission trip. They both share such a heart for Africa and will be returning shortly after there wedding in June to not only have a second ceremony, but also to live!!! How awesome is that!! I’m so jealous, as my heart is to do missions in Africa too, but through providing photography for non-profit organizations in such regions as Ghana, Uganda and Mozambique. The last time I visited Africa was life changing and I’m so excited for what Steve and Cassandra are going to be doing while they are there! They will certainly change the lives of so many people of Mozambique with their business venture. I’ll share more about that later, but now onto the e-session!!!




I love this shot..very sexy!


This one was pretty cool too. I love all the incredible signs that cover the streets of the South Side. It’s amazing the things that you notice only after you’ve left a place. There are so many beautiful parts of Pittsburgh.


Steve had fun pointing out the price of a new sweeper, but I don’t think Cassandra was buying it ;)


I really enjoyed capturing the grittiness of the area juxtapose this beautiful couple in love.




Isn’t Cassandra stunning? They make such a good looking couple! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in Philadelphia on June 13th! See you guys then!

Curt and Allision at El Dorado Canyon…

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Allison and Curt this morning at El Dorado Canyon for their engagement session. Allison is so stunning and honestly reminded me of a 1950′s glam-movie star! She contacted me last month about doing a session, as they are getting married in Tennessee on May 17th, but wanted their engagement session to take place in Colorado. I had the best time photographing these two, so much so that instead of going out and enjoying the 65 degree spring weather, I decided to stay home to edit the images of these two very incredible people! Don’t worry, as soon as I post this blog I’m going out for a run :) We were originally going to meet up this afternoon, but I’m so glad we changed it to the a.m., as the lighting was AMAZING!!! Check it out for your self.


This was around 9:45, just after the sun peered over the canyon…yummy!


Then we headed over the bridge, but a few K-9′s wanted in on the picture too! I love this series. I’m not sure if Allison and Curt are dog people, but they were such troopers as these two passed by with their owner.


This is my all time FAVORITE image from an e-session ever! The lighting was perfect and these two are soooo in love!



If I didn’t know better, I would think that they are both models!



Thanks so much Allison and Curt, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you this morning. Best wishes on your wedding day! Keep in touch :) -Shannon

Nate & Shannon’s E-session….

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with Nate and Shannon who will be married December 1st in Pittsburgh. We met up in Shadyside on Ellsworth Avenue and had a great time enjoying the last of this summer-like weather. These two are high school sweethearts and have been living far apart ever since. First through college and now working in separate states. Nate works in DC where Shannon will join him come December. I’m sure they’ll be relieved to finally be together! Click here to see their slideshow!