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We’re moving, and shaking things up!!

Hello Everyone!! I have some very exciting news to announce both for my business, and personally, both equally exciting!  This past Friday I launched my new business, Shannon Kaple Photographer.  I’m focusing on being your family lifestyle photographer, and felt that I needed my name to be more personal, like myself.  It’s been in the workings for a while, and where I’ll still be accepting weddings (which I still LOVE to do) I’m going to focus on photographing babies, kids and families, particularly in the Boulder, Front Range Colorado area.

Be sure to come on over, like me on FB follow me on twitter and update your RSS feed!

Secondly, as my family expands, so does our need for more space.  With that said, we’ve all but totally remolded our home since moving here in 2007, and put it on the market last month.  It must have been the perfect timing, because we received 3 offers in two days, the last one coming in above our asking price!  God is so good.  We’ll be moving next month a little further North into Boulder County, and closer to our beloved friends, and church community.  We couldn’t be more excited about our new home, and can’t wait to make our own.

Here are some images of our kitchen remodel.  If  your remember when I was pregnant with Audrey, and made this video, you can see just how ugly our kitchen used to be.  I’ll miss my orange kitchen!!

{Boulder Newborn Photographer} Meet our own Audrey Grace!

Audrey has been such a great addition to our family, and her big sister Chloe has been taking such great care of her too.   Audrey Grace was born on May 24th, 2011, 6lbs 11 oz and 20″ long!  Here are some images from her newborn session when she was only 8 days old!  Call 720.887.4183 to set up your newborn session or email me at

our sweet little peach...

I'm totally in love!

{Boulder Newborn Photographer} Tips for photographing newborns..

You can read more about Audrey’s birth and our transition to a family of four here.  We are so excited to finally meet our little sweet peach, and I was even feeling well enough after her birth to do her newborn session.   I missed out photographing Chloe’s, as I was pretty out of it being a new parent, but this time I’ve even managed to put together an announcement, which you can see below!  I order this one through Tiny Prints, which I love, and if you’re a costco member, you can also receive an additional 20% off!  With every newborn session we photograph, you receive one digital image included with your session fee, which is great for announcements!

Here are some helpful tips for photographing your newborn or you can contact us to photograph your new bundle of joy, as we love babies!!

1. Be sure to photograph them with in the first 10 days, as this is when they are still sleepy, and will cooperate with you putting them in super-cute positions.

2. Either have your home very warm or a blow dryer handy, as the noise and the warmth will put them to sleep.

3. Nurse or feed them right before and during the session, as they’ll drift off into a milk slumber!

4. I picked up some cute props, ie headbands and a basket at Hobby Lobby and I even got a mini pink lounge chaise that is a doggy bed from TJ Maxx. It works perfect for the itty-bitty ones.  Plus, it was only $30 on sale!  So check out your local hobby store for some cute things for your shoot.

{Boulder Family Photographer} Four Generations of beauties…

She’s finally HERE!!  We are so thrilled to introduce to you our newest addition to our family, Audrey Grace!  I am very thankful for a healthy little RED HEADED baby girl.  Being a red head myself, I’ve always wanted a little red headed daughter, and it looks like I got my wish :) YEAHHH!  See below.

The transition to our family of four is going smoothly and Chloe is such a great big sister.  My mom was out for 10 days, which was a great blessing along with the amazing support from our friends who have been making us some delicious meals!  Thank you!

You can really see her red hair here! I had a great labor and delivery, despite having mild preclampsia and being induced 2 weeks early. I was happy that she was exactly a pound more than Chloe was and has also been a great nurser too.

We tried to get a 4 generation picture when Chloe came back from staying with my family for a week, but she was pretty exhausted, so this is what we ended up with.

My mother and Grandmother are stunning beauties, so are my little girls, despite the crying. This image one might have been the best one. We wanted to honor my Grandmother, see L, so we used her name as Audrey's middle name, Grace, which I love!

Here is the one when Chloe was a newborn! I can't believe she was ever that small.

We’re having another girl!!

A few weeks ago we found out we are having another girl in early June!  We couldn’t be more thrilled for Chloe to have a little sister.  I realize her birthday falls right in the beginning of wedding season, so that is unfortunate for me, as I’ll be missing out on photographing some beautiful weddings in the early summer, however I realize it’s only for a season.  Just like I missed out on skiing for a few days at Breckenridge this past weekend, because I’m pregnant.  Believe me I was pretty mopey when everyone came back from the skiing saying “It was the best day ever!”, but by the second day Chloe and I took to the pool, shopping and sled riding!  Here is an ultrasound image of our beautiful baby girl!  Only 3.5 months till we get to meet her…I can’t wait to hold her in my arms.

Doesn't she look perfect!

{Broomfield Photographer} Video of the factory girls living it up in the kitchen!

Each year, my girl Lesli and I get together to bake Christmas cookies, and this year was deemed particularly fun, due to my delirium brought on by a 5 am wake up.  There was much laughter and thanks to her we made about 8 dozen cookies to distribute to my neighbors and friends.  Here is a little sample of our “cookie mockumentary”, enjoy!

Fast Tube by Casper

music by Flogging Molly “Factory Girls”

{Boulder Baby Photographer} Meet Gideon!

There is something so special about living among people in a community, where you not only call them friends, but family.  I’m certain we are one of many that consider this of the Wilton family, but never the less they are so dear to us.  Ally was there at my daughter’s birth, we often celebrate Christmas with a wonderful homemade Christmas eve dinner, our girls love playing together, and Dave could not be a better friend to my husband, Wade.  With that said, we got a call late on Christmas day with the news that Ally was in labor!  Being a transplant, like ourselves, to CO, Ally’s parents live a 2 day drive away, so with the help of many loving friends, we covered shifts watching her girls until her parents arrived tonight.   I was lucky enough to not only spend time with the girls, but also take them to meet there new baby brother Gideon!  They didn’t find out until Gideon arrived that he was a boy, but Dave couldn’t be more thrilled!  Also, his pride and love for Ally for enduring her third “all natural” delivery in just three years could not have been sweeter, and more sincere!    Below is just one of my fave’s from the day.  Congrats Wilton family!


Gideon David Wilton, a name that means "Mighty man of valor beloved of God". 8lb-1oz., 21 inch

{Colorado Portrait Photographer} Fall Mini Portrait Special…

It’s my favorite time of year again, autumn, so comes our annual “Fall Mini Portrait Special!”  See more information below.  We currently have the following dates available 10.8, 10.12, 10.14 and 10.17.  Last year we shot at the ever popular Chataqua Park in Boulder, but if needed I’m planning to offer it in two new locations, Kettner Lake in Westminster, and Sloan Lake in Denver. Space is limited, so contact me today to set up your session!  This year we’ve spiced it up with a little added bonus, a retouched digital file, perfect for Holiday Cards!  For each person or family you refer, get one FREE 5×7 from your session or refer 5 and get your session for FREE!!  Plus enjoy BOGO free prints for one month only!  Prints starting at $14.95.


{Boulder Baby Photography} Why not Valencia for my 30th Birthday?

Our little girl Chloe arrived into the world on March 20th, 2009 at 1:06pm, weighing in at a mere 5 pounds 10 oz and 19″ long.  Yes, she was born on my 30th Birthday!  At first I was a bit resistant of the idea, now I can’t think of a better Birthday present.  She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever set my eyes on, and I’m still in shock that she is really ours.  Originally, we were going to name her Chloe Valencia Kaple.  We had filled out the paper work at the hospital, said our goodbyes to the nurses and took her home.  The next morning, 3 days after Chloe’s birth, I asked Wade what he thought of when he first saw her.   He tearfully replied, “I was reminded of Tricia, my mother’s first child, who was stillborn.”  Chloe, unfortunately came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her little neck, not once, but twice and was purple and white from the lack of oxygen.  The nurses rushed her over to the warmer, administering oxygen, and I extended my hand over to her and began to pray fervently.  Wade and my good friend Ally, whom was also my doula ran over to her side with cameras in hand and began to document her life.   She quickly returned to a normal color, as they rubbed the vernix into her petite body.  Before, I knew it she was on my chest and I was in awe at the miracle of life that was our daughter.

Four years ago almost to the day that Chloe was born, Wade and I began dating.  Shortly after that, on Mother’s Day, we made the trek up to Western NY to meet his family.   After church, we all went to a Chinese buffet for lunch and that is when I first learned of Tricia.   My mother in law asked me when my Birthday was, and I replied March 2oth.  She looked at my father in law and replied that is when Tricia’s Birthday was.   She told me the story of how her first daughter was still born.  Shortly after that on June 4th of 2005, Wade and I became engaged.   Excited, my new mother in law felt as though she was getting the daughter she never had.  Fast forward four years, and now, not only does her daughter in law share a birthday with Tricia, but so does her first granddaughter!  I truly believe that what God takes away, he gives back a double blessing, and so to honor Wade’s oldest sister, and a testimony to God’s faithfulness, we changed Chloe’s name to Chloe Tricia Kaple.  Mom, we love you and if the only reason that Chloe was born on my birthday was to be a blessing to you, than I’m happy to share this day for the rest of my life!

Now, onto some images of our little girl!


Wade captured these image moments after she was born.  You can see her legs are still purple from the lack of oxygen.  Thankfully, she had a short ride down the birth canal, as I was only pushing for 10 minutes…any longer and I wonder if she would have been ok.0010.jpg


Holding my little girl for the first time!



Getting weighed in…0017.jpg


Proud papa…Wade is so good with her.  One of my first photographs taken as a new mom.

0018.jpgOur little birdy face…

I love being a mom and feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and friends to support us through this new stage in our lives.  A special thanks to Ally Wilton, our doula and dear friend, Stacy Z, who documented the first hours of Chloe’s life, Deirdre, our incredible Midwife of Boulder Nurse Midwives, all the amazing nurses at Boulder Community Foothills hospital, and my mom who arrived two hours after she was born and stayed with us for 10 days, you were a blessing.

Holiday Card Order Deadline December 5th…

If you’re like me, you like to send out a Christmas card each year.  This year we are offering Holiday Cards from any of the events we’ve photographed in the past year.    Below are card examples of some of my favorite portrait session’s of the year!

This is our 5×7 flat card…



This is our4 x 5.5 flat card…



Aren’t they beautiful families?

We also have several other card options.  Just email me for additional samples and pricing information!

Happy Holidays!

Shannon Kaple

Center Avenue Imaging