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Category Archives: Baby

{Lafayette Family Photographer} Meet the Pettigrew Family!

I’m happy to report that I’ve found a much faster way to blog my images than ever before.  Hopefully with this, I’ll bring to you more of my sessions.  You might have thought that I’ve climbed into a dark hole and been hibernating for the fall & winter, but it’s been the opposite!  I’ve been so blessed to photograph almost 30 families, this fall alone making it our busiest Lifestyle session season to date.  I can’t take all the credit though, as the ridiculous creative and talented, Jill Carter of Common Couture, and I have teamed up this past year to bring my clients an extra added value!   She’s brought not only amazing wardrobe styling, hair and makeup, but complete set styling too!  She has such an incredible grace upon her to help bring out the beauty in others, and with my desire to capture that beauty in people…well we’ve made quite a team.  Here is just one of the sessions below.  However, this family portrays a special beauty with out any help from us!

The Pettigrews have been waiting over 3 years for this little Christmas miracle, Lily Grace!  They were finally granted their visas this past fall to fly to Korea and meet their daughter for the first time.  This beautiful story of adoption makes my heart overjoyed!  A special thanks to everyone who purchased prints during the month of October, as 10% of the proceeds went to helping “Bring Lily Home.”  Carol was made to be a mother, and just lights up with Lily  or LG, as they like to call her, is in her arms.  Dennis has never smiled, as much as he does now.  This family of 3 is finally complete, and the best present they could ever have asked for, eachother!  Congrats Pettigrew Family!  Thanks for allowing me to capture your family.  A special thanks to Jill of Common Couture for complete styling of wardrobe, hair, makeup and set!  Contact me today to set up your family session at or 720.837.4183  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

{Boulder Newborn Photographer} Meet our own Audrey Grace!

Audrey has been such a great addition to our family, and her big sister Chloe has been taking such great care of her too.   Audrey Grace was born on May 24th, 2011, 6lbs 11 oz and 20″ long!  Here are some images from her newborn session when she was only 8 days old!  Call 720.887.4183 to set up your newborn session or email me at

our sweet little peach...

I'm totally in love!

{Boulder Newborn Photographer} Tips for photographing newborns..

You can read more about Audrey’s birth and our transition to a family of four here.  We are so excited to finally meet our little sweet peach, and I was even feeling well enough after her birth to do her newborn session.   I missed out photographing Chloe’s, as I was pretty out of it being a new parent, but this time I’ve even managed to put together an announcement, which you can see below!  I order this one through Tiny Prints, which I love, and if you’re a costco member, you can also receive an additional 20% off!  With every newborn session we photograph, you receive one digital image included with your session fee, which is great for announcements!

Here are some helpful tips for photographing your newborn or you can contact us to photograph your new bundle of joy, as we love babies!!

1. Be sure to photograph them with in the first 10 days, as this is when they are still sleepy, and will cooperate with you putting them in super-cute positions.

2. Either have your home very warm or a blow dryer handy, as the noise and the warmth will put them to sleep.

3. Nurse or feed them right before and during the session, as they’ll drift off into a milk slumber!

4. I picked up some cute props, ie headbands and a basket at Hobby Lobby and I even got a mini pink lounge chaise that is a doggy bed from TJ Maxx. It works perfect for the itty-bitty ones.  Plus, it was only $30 on sale!  So check out your local hobby store for some cute things for your shoot.

{Boulder Family Photographer} Four Generations of beauties…

She’s finally HERE!!  We are so thrilled to introduce to you our newest addition to our family, Audrey Grace!  I am very thankful for a healthy little RED HEADED baby girl.  Being a red head myself, I’ve always wanted a little red headed daughter, and it looks like I got my wish :) YEAHHH!  See below.

The transition to our family of four is going smoothly and Chloe is such a great big sister.  My mom was out for 10 days, which was a great blessing along with the amazing support from our friends who have been making us some delicious meals!  Thank you!

You can really see her red hair here! I had a great labor and delivery, despite having mild preclampsia and being induced 2 weeks early. I was happy that she was exactly a pound more than Chloe was and has also been a great nurser too.

We tried to get a 4 generation picture when Chloe came back from staying with my family for a week, but she was pretty exhausted, so this is what we ended up with.

My mother and Grandmother are stunning beauties, so are my little girls, despite the crying. This image one might have been the best one. We wanted to honor my Grandmother, see L, so we used her name as Audrey's middle name, Grace, which I love!

Here is the one when Chloe was a newborn! I can't believe she was ever that small.

{Boulder Children’s Photographer} Chloe turns 2!

It seems like yesterday that she was born, only 5 pounds 11 oz and now she’s running, singing, talking and laughing.   My daughter has brought us the most joy over the past 2 years, and now very shortly, she’ll be joined by her sister, due 3 weeks from today!  She has such an inquisitive mind, always trying to solve puzzles, just like her Daddy.  If you’ve ever met Wade, she looks just like him, even down to her toe nails!  Good thing I have a cute hubby :)   Right now, she’s singing the lyrics to twinkle, twinkle little star in the background, which melts my heart.  So onto Chloe’s 2 year photo session.  If you would like to have your child’s year session photographed, just drop me a line at!  I may be a little bias, but I think she’s adorable!

Chloe and her bear!

LOVE this one!

She was getting a little sleepy by the end!

{Boulder Baby Photographer} Shelsta Family Lifestyle Session…

I don’t think I’ve ever met a happier baby than Selah!  She didn’t stop smiling the whole session, well except when we had her clothes off and the sun went behind the clouds.  Earlier in the day it had been snowing, and we even had a few flakes join us.  The weather is so erratic in Colorado, but I’ll take it any day over the “grey” that covers the East coast for months at a time.  It’s no wonder that Selah never stops smiling, as her parents Garret and Aubrey are two of the friendliest people you’ll meet.   Garret is an amazing musician, and will be launching his site soon.   It was so awesome when he broke out his guitar and harmonica and started to jam, plus Selah loves to dance.  This girl can shake it!  You can listen to his music HERE along with viewing the slide show from their session.  Now onto their images!  Thanks Shelsta family for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!

Such a beautiful family!

It's hard to tell Aubrey's the mommy here ;) They look so much alike!

Love this one!

Love her chubber thighs!!

{Broomfield Newborn Photographer} Meet Cashton!

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Chad and Christy’s newborn boy!  It is amazing the difference from just 10 days old to almost 3 weeks makes, as this little guy was alert, strong and not the least bit sleepy.  We were still able to get some great shots, and after Cashton having to go to children’s hospital the week before due to troubles breathing, we’re all just glad that he is happy and healthy!  I couldn’t believe he was rolling from his front to his back already.  Watch out Pennick family, he’s going to be a tough one!  Check out his slideshow here! Now onto some images from their session.

We we're able to get one shot of Cash sleeping on one of Chad's signed Nuggets shirts. Chad used to work for the Nuggets, so we had get a shot of baby Cash representing!

Sweet mamma and baby boy!

I love when couples incoroporate their own creativity into the shoot! Chad got out 100 $1 bills for Cashton's session. AWESOME!

I LOVE this image! Daddy's so big and strong holding this tiny little creation, his son.

LIttle baby feet!

What a handsome boy...looks just like his daddy!

Gotta love boys...this was Christy's expression right after Cash went both # 1 & 2 on her. What a great sport!

Love Cash's face here! Chad and Christy it was a pleasure working with you and Congrats on your new boy!

Love Cash's face here! Chad and Christy it was a pleasure working with you and Congrats on your new boy!

{Lafayette Newborn Photographer} Meet the beloved brother…

Christmas night I got a call that Ally was going into labor! Both Ally & Dave didn’t know that their third, and most likely last child, would come into this world as a boy, but they were certainly ecstatic that their prediction was correct!  Ally, although admits to loving her two girls, she states “There is something different about having a boy.  I just want to hold him all the time!”  Understandably so after you see these images of the sweet little guy!  Congrats Dave & Ally!  If you’re interested in having a newborn session you can call me at 720.837.4183 or drop me a line at  I would love to document your little one!

{Broomfield Newborn Photographer} Meet Isla…

Isla is one of the most laid back babies you’ll ever meet, plus she’s a great sleeper!  She’s 4 months old now, but when she was only 10 days old I had the chance to photograph a few images of her and her beautiful mamma, Erica.  Congrats Erica & Rush, she is perfect in every way!

We’re having another girl!!

A few weeks ago we found out we are having another girl in early June!  We couldn’t be more thrilled for Chloe to have a little sister.  I realize her birthday falls right in the beginning of wedding season, so that is unfortunate for me, as I’ll be missing out on photographing some beautiful weddings in the early summer, however I realize it’s only for a season.  Just like I missed out on skiing for a few days at Breckenridge this past weekend, because I’m pregnant.  Believe me I was pretty mopey when everyone came back from the skiing saying “It was the best day ever!”, but by the second day Chloe and I took to the pool, shopping and sled riding!  Here is an ultrasound image of our beautiful baby girl!  Only 3.5 months till we get to meet her…I can’t wait to hold her in my arms.

Doesn't she look perfect!