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The Little Cowboy Bar…Fromberg, MT

A week ago Sunday I arrived back in Denver from my trip to Billings, MT to visit my long time friend Lea, whom is an amazing ceramicist, and I’ve known since before my days of Bauhaus influenced Art School in NY.   While on our way back to her house, from one of our many ventures out to go camping, we came across “The Little Cowboy Bar & Museum” in Fromberg, MT.   If I would have seen nothing else while in MT, I would have gone home happy.  This bar was a gem and has even been written up in Esquire Magazine a few years back.  I fell in love with Shirley Smith the owner, as she was generous enough to open her museum, which was located in the back of the bar.  She also told us stories about Buffalo Bill, cowboys & indians, and my favorite story about how she grew up in a shed with her parents and three siblings.   This museum was AWESOME a definite must see in MT !!  Check out these images I gathered during our tour and be sure to check back for more images form our adventures in Yellow Stone!




Here is Shirly Smith, the owner.  She is also featured in the photo to the L.lcb3.jpg

She made sure we signed the guest book too.


Here is a portrait some one painted of her.  I asked her when it was commissioned and she told me “Oh, about 10 years ago!?”   Isn’t it awesome?!!lcb1.jpg

More cowboy paraphernalia.


Check out the clock to your upper L!!


This portrait is one of my all time favorites!  There was a can light to the L of her and I asked her to look my way, this is what I got!  Pretty sweet, huh?  You’re also looking at Ms. Senior Montana 2001!


Here are some more images from the town of Fromberg…not much happening outside of the L.C.B.lilcowboybar-15.jpg




Ever since I’ve moved out west, I’m fascinated by all these little western towns.  A little known fact, my grandfather in law’s cousin was Gabby Hayes